Wednesday, December 19, 2007

東方表行 (398)

EPS 增張38.5%, 毛利率及ROE 都有所提昇, 附合預期, 並未有太大驚喜

預期全年EPS 0.45, 7.8倍PE

目標價定在4.5-5.0 都一D 唔過份, 再睇市場的反應或等待價值重估

應該會有一批資金短炒業績, 要小心獲利回套及調整時自己對公司的信心, 計劃好投資的長短。


shdopi said...

I would like to buy this stock because it has strong earning power in the future.

But at what price should I buy it?

I hope I can buy it at $3.5, is it the good price? What is your opinion?

Thank you very much.

Wing said...

sorry, no recommandation here...

pls make your own decision!

Anonymous said...

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